Become a next generation
Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Empower your managed services practice with 2500+ widgets embedded in an intelligent Cloud Management Platform (CMP)

Augment your revenue streams with diverse Go-To-Market

Managed Services, Centilytics MSP Partners

FinOps as-a-Service

Break down silos and ensure that FinOps becomes a habit, not just a practice.
Managed Services, Centilytics MSP Partners

SecOps as-a-Service

Experience an unbeatable alignment of technology and security best practices with our IP-led SecOps solutions.
Managed Services, Centilytics MSP Partners

Chargeback as-a-Service

Our simplified tagging solutions bring higher ROI for your customers via decentralized costs.

Managed Services, Centilytics MSP Partners

Self-Managed Service

Provide automated solutions to customers and create diverse product lines for a larger portfolio.
Managed Services, Centilytics MSP Partners

Semi-Managed Service

Provide your customers with various options for extended support solutions and capture a larger market.
Managed Services, Centilytics MSP Partners

Fully Managed Service

Our holistic solutions help you deliver maximum value with minimum effort to your customers.

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Let numbers do the talking


MSP audits cleared


Customers managed across partners


Increase in partners' revenue


Consumption under management

All your customers at one place

Partners' Spotlights

"We wouldn't be able to achieve the outcome [audit clearance] without Centilytics' cloud management platform offering which fed into the larger Data#3 cloud management platform offering. On the audit day, the contribution of Centilytics team along with Data#3 team absolutely led to the successful outcome."

Phil Redmond,
General Manager Service
Solutions at Data#3.

Don't Just Clear, Ace The OEM Audits

Centilytics platform's capabilities fulfil the partner requirements to clear the OEM audits. We guarantee the audit clearance with up to date control points mandated by OEMs. Check our audit validation kits to know more.